Bob has spent the past 40 years running from an evil that has relentlessly tried to kill him. Nancy is a stranger who wants to know Bob’s story of survival. As Bob reveals the story of his life to Nancy, of his constant loss, he is as much telling his story to her as he is weighing her response.

Who is Nancy?

An innocent stranger listening carefully to a story shared by an old man, or a part of the ever-present evil that continues to pursue Bob?

From Illinois to Texas, from Maine to Colorado, Bob survives one attempt on his life after another. 

What is it that continuously hunts him? What is the true purpose in meeting Nancy?

As the afternoon fades to night, Bob looks for the signs that have defined the destruction of his life. The truth will finally be revealed with the coming darkness.

Who is innocent? Who is evil?

And who is …… HUNTED?

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