The zombie genre is dead for now

I recently read an article that proposed that the Zombie genre is dead for now. The concept was that Zombies have been over-done in recent years. Too many novels in print and too many TV series and movies were made, and as a result, people have lost their flavor for a good Zombie scare. These things run in cycles I suppose, but what if someone reintroduced the Zombie theme through a series of novels in which the Zombie apocalypse had already ended. What if a few of the remaining humans were now immune to the virus that caused the Zombie outbreak. What if these immune humans developed supernatural abilities? And what if these super humans sought to control the remaining members of humanity by threatening another Zombie infection? And if one of the superhumans mated with a human and their offspring hated the superhumans and had special abilities of her own….. I like this idea.

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