The 5 horror books that Influenced my novel, Within The Fog

I was a teenager when I heard about John Carpenter’s movie, The Fog for the first time. The idea of a horror film constructed on the premise of something evil lurking in a fog bank offered so much mystery and potential. I couldn’t wait to rent the VHS tape at Blockbuster. Then, begged my mom to rent the film for the very next Friday night. I loved the movie and remember thinking what a great concept the movie was built on. In fact, I began having all kinds of ideas about scary things that could emerge from a fog bank other than ghosts. A few years later I read the Stephen King novella The Mist. My take was of course that it was brilliant, as is every King work, but again I wondered what else could emerge from a bank of fog to scare the crap out of people. Through the years I read several other influential horror books related to this topic and finally an idea came forth. That idea eventually grew into my novel, Within the Fog. Below are the top 5 horror books that influenced my novel:

1-      Stephen King – The Mist
Stephen King. Enough said.

The Mist - Within The Fog Horror Book

2-      Dean Koontz – The Taking
A storm hits, power is lost, and humanity is in peril. Perfection.

The Taking - Within The Fog

3-      David Wellington – 13 Bullets
She’s the last vampire on earth. Briefly.

13 Bullets - Within The Fog

4-      Richard Matheson – I am Legend
Not the movie, the book. One of his best.

I Am Legend - Within The Fog

5-      Justin Cronin – The Passage
The government screwed up (again). Vampires are the result. 

The Passage - Within The Fog Horror Book

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